The Jetbuilt Project Management Solution was launched early this fall with our task management functionality. This answers to the demand from our users around the world. But we are not stopping with tasks - this winter we will continue to roll out functionality every couple of weeks.  Check this page or subscribe to our email newsletter to stay on top of our progress.


What it is today and where it is going tomorrow:



  • Invite any on your team into Project Management platform
  • Create Tasks and Steps to those tasks for each item you use in Jetbuilt
  • As you populate future projects, all installation tasks are passively created.
  • Add non-item tasks in the task management area as well
  • When a project is in construction, bulk assign tasks to a field tech
  • Filter all tasks by project phase for easy assigning
  • Assign due dates for each task or task range
  • Field techs receive notifications of new tasks assigned to them
  • Field techs can check off completed tasks in the field on their mobile phone.

In the Coming Months:

  • Tasks can be locked until required tasks are completed (forcing installation sequence)
  • A photo can optionally be required to complete tasks
  • Commenting on tasks (back and forth among the team assigned to the project).
  • Items can be logged to their location (In Transit, Warehouse, Truck, Rack, Site, etc).
  • Serial #s and IP Addresses can be logged for future support reference
  • Calendar Syncing Functionality
  • Time Tracking, which then pushes to estimating for future projects
  • Gantt Chart and project management reports
  • Client phase sign-off capability
  • Basic Support Ticket System
  • And much more...

Sounds good, but what does it cost?

$29/Month Per UseR

$290/year per user with annual pay discount

Project Management is priced on par with other comparable platforms, while providing far more power and value through our single and collaborative ecosystem.