Hidden Factors, Manufacturer Discounts...

Here's another update for you!  As usual, the video below gives you all the updates without all of that tiresome reading. 

Paul announces a few new features and more!

Hiding Factors.jpg


If you use Factors to automate pricing for things like Hardware or Travel, you now have the option to blend those figures into your rooms and systems. This prevents the Factor's description and pricing from appearing on your acceptance page. 

Manufacturer Discounts.jpg


You can now account for manufacturer discounts inside of your projects. In Project Details simply search your connected manufacturers, select, then insert the % discount. Any item from that manufacturer will reflect this project-specific discount. 

Purchasing Update.jpg


In the Purchasing area you can now select items and mark them Received. You can also make custom notes for any items to keep your team updated, or to just make witty office banter.