Calendar Syncing, Room Breakout, Customize POs

A lot has been going on here at Jetbuilt. You can read it here, or just watch the video and let Paul give you the highlights!

Paul walks us through the new feature updates and announcements.

Room Breakout View

Enterprise users now have this Room Breakout view. In Project Overview click the icon next to the room name, and you will be taken to this view showing all costs, margins, labor details, shipping,  factors, totals and more.


Custom PO, BOM and RFQ Pages

You can now create multiple Purchase Order, Bill of Material and Request for Quote pages in the Jetbuilt Designer!

These can be customized the same way that any Jetbuilt page can including dynamic fields, fonts, shapes, and more. You can customize the columns you wish to display from a long list of options. 

customize po.jpg

Pick List Export

In the Project Purchasing area you can now select a batch of items and export it to CSV.

This creates a perfect pick list to use offline or import into your other platforms.




Project Management now offers you a Company Calendar. This calendar shows all tasks across all projects and team members. You can also filter the calendar by location, and by team member.


If you select an individual team member, a calendar URL appears below. Copy that URL to subscribe to that feed with Google, iCal and more.


Thank you again for using Jetbuilt!