Pricing Update, Project Breakdown, Locking Headers and more!

We have continued to build more and more of what you are asking for here at Jetbuilt. You can read it here, or just watch the video and let Paul give you the highlights!

Paul walks us through the new feature updates and announcements.

Improved Project Breakdown Section

In Project Overview we have reconfigured this section to show more valuable data. You can now see a nice breakdown of Equipment, Labor, Taxes, Factors and Shipping.


Jetbuilt Pricing Update

Since our launch 4-1/2 years ago Jetbuilt has never raised its pricing. Since that time the platform has become many, many times more powerful than the day we launched. It is reasonable and necessary to adjust our pricing to catch the platform up to its current value and to sales software standards. We will never punish our existing and loyal family of companies depending on Jetbuilt by raising our prices by anything more than a minor inflationary increase. 

"Legacy Pricing" for Current Jetbuilt Companies

  • All current Jetbuilt companies will be locked in to "Legacy Pricing" as long as the subscription remains active.

  • All current and future users in the company will be based on this Legacy Pricing.

  • We will be raising pricing by a small 3% for all Legacy Companies on November 15.

  • If you subscribed in 2019, you will not see this increase for at least a year.

New Higher Pricing only for New Companies

  • Only for new company subscriptions after November 15.

  • New monthly price of $59 for Lite and $99 for Enterprise.

  • Annual subscriptions and multi-user discounts will still apply. 


Schedule Sales Tasks

We have added calendar scheduling to Sales Tasks. In company settings you can change from Due Date based tasks to Schedule based.


Locking Header

We have locked the headers in the builder!  Now you can scroll through long lists of items and retain your header information and column names. 
We have also added Add and Edit Items links to the header, so that you can select them while viewing items in the middle of a long list, Enjoy!

Thank you again for using Jetbuilt!