Project Management, Vendors, and More!

Happy Friday!  This update presents a host of new features both for Sales and Project Management platforms. Watch the short video for the full story, or just scan through the list below:


New Vendors Area

You guys have been asking for more tools to view and manipulate your database.

Here's your new Vendors area with new filters and searching for customized items, fully-custom items and Bundles.

Delete your Custom Items

You can now freely delete any of your custom-built items in your database without first deleting them from current projects.

We will leave the old instance of the item in those projects.



Discontinued Items Indicator

We continue to show you recently discontinued items for 45 days to allow for existing inventory, but now you are now made aware of that status.

Look for the italic text and the "Stop" icon, as in "the manufacturer stopped making this" (clever, right?) 

Bundles Stay Open/Closed

Now, if you view a bundle open then leave that room and return later, the bundle will still be open for you. 

Yes, we know. It should have always been that way. Sorry that one took a while to get to you.



Project Management Updates


Commenting and Attachments for Tasks

You can now create instructional notes and comments for each task. Drag a photo in or upload a schematic PDF.

From the field, techs can view comments and images and comment back within the phone app.

New Task List Page

We widened the task list page to display a growing amount of detail and columns. Notice the Comments icon, indicating if there are notes or discussion to that task. Click on a task to see the steps and discussion thread.


JetbuiltGO Field App

Based on your feedback we refined the navigation on mobile for smoother operation.

We added the commenting and photo viewing and uploading abilities from phones as well. 


We sure hope you enjoy these new features. You keep telling us what you need and we keep working to provide that functionality. Thank you again for using Jetbuilt!