Email Proposal Delivery, Project Management

Happy Friday! InfoComm Orlando is right around the corner. We look forward to seeing many of you there. Please come by booth 1135 and say hello to us and the great folks at VidCAD.

In this update we bring you yet more functionality to both Sales and Project Management platforms. Read on...


Send To Client

The residential installer community finally gets its wish! We pushed back on this feature for years,  but the community wins this one - for some projects and some clients this is just the right approach.

Click the SEND TO CLIENT button, write a note for the email, then send it off.  Your client will get a link to view the proposal. You can also be notified every time that proposal is viewed online. 

Select-All Checkboxes in Builder

We have added  SELECT-ALL boxes on top of every checkbox column in the builder. In EDIT MODE simply click this button to select every visible item in your list and SAVE.  This is especially handy for certain columns such as tax, among others.


Reply to Discussion by Email

You can now quickly and easily reply to any Discussion Comment by simply replying to the email. Your comment will be sent to everyone in the project, and also posted to the Discussion thread in the Project.

Drag images into the email reply and they will be included as well.


Icebox Project Stage

The long-awaited ICEBOX stage is now live! Projects that have been put on hold for any reason can now be put on ice. Icebox stage is in the Archive section so it is pulled out of your company's financial pipeline as well.



Project Management Updates

Require Photos in Tasks

You can now require a photo to be uploaded from the field for any task steps. 

Perhaps the task is to install a wall plate. As great as your installers are, you keep finding their plates installed at a 10 degree angle.

In the task you can gently remind them to install it level, but also require a photo so that you can verify the work.


Reply to Task Comments by Email

Okay, this is the same feature we mentioned above regarding Project Discussions. 

It's worth mentioning, however that it is also part of Project Management task comment threads. Now you can reply to a comment in your email without opening the app to respond.


We sure hope you enjoy these new features. You keep telling us what you need and we keep working to provide that functionality. Thank you again for using Jetbuilt!