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Happy Friday! InfoComm Orlando is right around the corner. We look forward to seeing many of you there. Please come by booth 1135 and say hello to us and the great folks at VidCAD.

In this update we bring you yet more functionality to both Sales and Project Management platforms. Read on...


Send To Client

The residential installer community finally gets its wish! We pushed back on this feature for years,  but the community wins this one - for some projects and some clients this is just the right approach.

Click the SEND TO CLIENT button, write a note for the email, then send it off.  Your client will get a link to view the proposal. You can also be notified every time that proposal is viewed online. 

Select-All Checkboxes in Builder

We have added  SELECT-ALL boxes on top of every checkbox column in the builder. In EDIT MODE simply click this button to select every visible item in your list and SAVE.  This is especially handy for certain columns such as tax, among others.


Reply to Discussion by Email

You can now quickly and easily reply to any Discussion Comment by simply replying to the email. Your comment will be sent to everyone in the project, and also posted to the Discussion thread in the Project.

Drag images into the email reply and they will be included as well.


Icebox Project Stage

The long-awaited ICEBOX stage is now live! Projects that have been put on hold for any reason can now be put on ice. Icebox stage is in the Archive section so it is pulled out of your company's financial pipeline as well.



Project Management Updates

Require Photos in Tasks

You can now require a photo to be uploaded from the field for any task steps. 

Perhaps the task is to install a wall plate. As great as your installers are, you keep finding their plates installed at a 10 degree angle.

In the task you can gently remind them to install it level, but also require a photo so that you can verify the work.


Reply to Task Comments by Email

Okay, this is the same feature we mentioned above regarding Project Discussions. 

It's worth mentioning, however that it is also part of Project Management task comment threads. Now you can reply to a comment in your email without opening the app to respond.


We sure hope you enjoy these new features. You keep telling us what you need and we keep working to provide that functionality. Thank you again for using Jetbuilt!



Project Management, Vendors, and More!

Happy Friday!  This update presents a host of new features both for Sales and Project Management platforms. Watch the short video for the full story, or just scan through the list below:


New Vendors Area

You guys have been asking for more tools to view and manipulate your database.

Here's your new Vendors area with new filters and searching for customized items, fully-custom items and Bundles.

Delete your Custom Items

You can now freely delete any of your custom-built items in your database without first deleting them from current projects.

We will leave the old instance of the item in those projects.



Discontinued Items Indicator

We continue to show you recently discontinued items for 45 days to allow for existing inventory, but now you are now made aware of that status.

Look for the italic text and the "Stop" icon, as in "the manufacturer stopped making this" (clever, right?) 

Bundles Stay Open/Closed

Now, if you view a bundle open then leave that room and return later, the bundle will still be open for you. 

Yes, we know. It should have always been that way. Sorry that one took a while to get to you.



Project Management Updates


Commenting and Attachments for Tasks

You can now create instructional notes and comments for each task. Drag a photo in or upload a schematic PDF.

From the field, techs can view comments and images and comment back within the phone app.

New Task List Page

We widened the task list page to display a growing amount of detail and columns. Notice the Comments icon, indicating if there are notes or discussion to that task. Click on a task to see the steps and discussion thread.


JetbuiltGO Field App

Based on your feedback we refined the navigation on mobile for smoother operation.

We added the commenting and photo viewing and uploading abilities from phones as well. 


We sure hope you enjoy these new features. You keep telling us what you need and we keep working to provide that functionality. Thank you again for using Jetbuilt!



New Features Blast Off!

We have been launching new features at a record pace! Here are some new tools that should speed up your workflow:


🚀 Explode Your Bundles

Hover over any Bundle in the builder and you will now see a bomb icon. This will "explode" your bundle, placing all of its contents in that spot.

🚀 Push/Pull Selected Items to DB

We have moved the project-wide Push/Pull function into the "Edit Items" mode. You can easily select any (or all) items with the builder's filter tools then push or pull the values of those items to and from your database.



🚀 Custom Items Indicator

Easily spot your custom items when searching for products. This handy new indicator will appear to the right of any item your company has manually created.

• Enterprise users can also turn this indicator on as a new custom column in the Mega Builder.

🚀 Export Assets as CSV

You can now export any or all data from the Assets area. This will include all critical item information to deliver to your client or techs. 



🚀 PM Task and Step Creation Streamlined

We have streamlined the process of creating Tasks and Steps dramatically in both the Builder and the Management areas.

You can now type in all tasks and steps in a single, fast window

Coming Next Week: Product Area Updates

We are updating your Custom Products list in the Vendor area. The list is condensed to fit more items on a page, and we are providing filters for Customized Jetbuilt items, your Custom items, and Bundles. We are also improving the search tool in this area.

And finally - the ability to delete your custom items!

You keep telling us what you need and we keep working to provide that functionality. Thank you again for using Jetbuilt!


Designer Workflow, Reporting and More


Today we launched a major update to the way you interact with groups and pages within the designer. Rather than working in separate lists, you can now click into a report group, then design and manipulate the pages within that group. This will dramatically speed up your report design workflow. 

Additionally, Enterprise users can now hide groups. Rather than working with a long list of groups, you can reduce your list to only those that you personally use. This also applies to the list of groups you select from when rendering a proposal within a project. 

Here is a new help article with detailed instructions on the Designer update

Don't forget the video! Paul takes us through the newly launched features and also discusses some vision for where Jetbuilt is going in CRM, PM and more.

Paul walks us through the new designer workflow. Now you can interact with your proposal groups and pages in one combined list. Also a nice reporting update and more about Asset Management.

We also launched three new functions to our Enterprise Reporting section. In addition to the existing filters, you can now filter your reports by:

  1.  Project Close Date (editable field in Project Details)

  2.  Company Locations (select one or more office locations)

  3.  Added ALL to the date range presets, so you can run lifetime reports. 


Thanks for using Jetbuilt. Until next time,

Paul and the Jetbuilt team

Asset Management, Versioning, ISE Amsterdam


 Today we launched the first phase of our Asset Management functionality! You have asked over and over if you could store for your project:

  • Serial Numbers

  • MAC & IP Addresses

  • Login Credentials

  • Warranty Expiration Dates

  • End of Life Expectancies

  • and much more...

We have been listening, and we have built it. The video below gives you a short tour of the functonality:

Watch the super short Asset Management tutorial here:

Watch the super short Asset Management intro video here!

Asset Management is available in all accounts while in beta. Enjoy it and give it a run. Once we finalize the functionality we will move it into its home in the Project Management platform.

Project Versioning Update

Last week we introduced a major update to the look and feel of project versioning. Now you can lock versions, view the total price of each version and use the new description field. You can also see the currently open version from within the window. Enjoy!

Project Versioning.png

Hide Bundles on Proposals

Just like individual items, Bundles can now be hidden on proposals. Yes, this one seemed obvious, but it was trickier than it sounds :) 

ISE Show.jpg

Join us at ISE!

Come by booth 15-M245 February 5-8 in Amsterdam. We will once again be sharing space with our friends at VidCAD. Learn more about how Jetbuilt and VidCAD can work together for your company.

Once again thanks for using Jetbuilt. Until next time,

Paul and the Jetbuilt team