Friday the 13th Update

There’s nothing scary about the updates we launched this week. Here’s what’s new in Jetbuilt:


Flag Line Items

Ever drop a placeholder item into your project?  Now you can “Flag” any line item within Jetbuilt so that you don’t forget to finalize it before presenting to your client.

You can also hover over the flag to view the “Internal Notes” for that item. 


Equipment and Labor Totals at End of Room

You can now show your Equipment and/or Labor totals at the bottom of each room on your reports.

This may be helpful where you have many systems, and you want to summarize the total of equipment or labor before the Room total.





 Labor Detail in Project Summary Page

You can now optionally present your labor details in a Project Summary page. This includes your custom labor names for Enterprise users.





Project Management


Bulk-Assign Tasks

You can now select many (or all) tasks in a project, system or phase and assign them to a tech in one action.



 Days of Labor Indicators

You can now see the total days of labor for your list of tasks. In the Bulk-Assign view we even show you the total based on the currently-selected batch.

This should help you set reasonable due dates for batches of tasks.


Thank you again for using Jetbuilt. We continue to request and welcome your comments as we work to build a better platform.