Got Trucks? – Service/Support Packages in Jetbuilt

Starting today you can now automate the pricing, presentation, and selling of service and support packages for your projects. Watch the video for the full story…


Service/Support Packages

Jetbuilt now handles the pricing and presentation of optional long-term support of your projects. Automate the pricing through a host of variables including our new Smart Rounding!

Watch the video for a quick run-through.

Later this week: Set your Labor Preference

In the next few days you will be able to set your company’s preference for “Minutes, Hours or Price”.  This will allow your team to continuously work in the denomination of your preference!

Jetbuilt Summit?

I am being asked more often about a sort of Jetbuilt Summit. In a group environment ideas and solutions can be discovered and shared.  This could be a place to get answers to things you didn’t know you had questions for. Just reply if you would be interested as we evaluate if this is something we should consider.


Acumatica Integration

The response about our Acumatica integration was heavy (sorry that I mistakenly announced a partial integration). This week we wrap up the pushing of projects into Acumatica. We will share more details next week!


Thanks again for using Jetbuilt – happy quoting.


Paul and the Jetbuilt team