Love Project Management

Jetbuilt has just taken a dreaded and often overlooked aspect of your workflow and automated it. Beginning today you can create installation tasks for your items and projects, then quickly assign them to your techs for completion in the field.  Watch the  quick demo:

Build Tasks for Your Items

As you populate your project you can build the installation tasks for each item. As you use these items in future projects, your tasks will be created passively project-wide.

Large tasks are divided into smaller steps for control and organization.


Invite your PM’s and Field Techs

In the same way that you invite your sales and management team to Jetbuilt, you can now invite your project managers and installers. Since access is limited to tasks, feel free to invite outside contractors.




Assign Tasks by Phase

Assign tasks to your installers individually, by phase, or for the whole project. They will receive notices of tasks assigned to them. You will also be notified as they complete tasks.

Field Mobile Access

Your installers in the field interact with their tasks from their phones.
*Currently browser-based, as our IOS and ANDROID field apps will be released in October.



Designed and Built by Jetbuilt

Our solution was designed and built in California by Jetbuilt. So you know it’s easy to learn, simple to use, and supported with love.

We invite you to try it free for the next 30 days.