Making Someone’s Day

Can AV Software Make Someone’s Day?

Perhaps not. But our support team can. Jetbuilt doesn’t charge you $ to call, chat, or email us any old time.
This Tuesday Justin struggled with his Quickbooks integration, so he reached out. We worked him through the issue with such zest that he had to send a big “Cheers”. (Looks like you are working on two beers at once, Justin:).

default pdf file names

Today we updated how your downloaded PDF reports are named. Your Proposals will now be titled “Client Name Project Number”. You can always rename them, but this should be a nice convenience.



bundle editing is coming

This week we coded up a super fast, super simple Bundle Editor that allows you to add or remove items, change the quantity ratios, and sort the order of items- all from the Project Builder. Expect to see this made live next week.  

As always, keep your comments coming. With your help, we are building a better Jetbuilt.