Product Favorites, More Currencies


You can now mark any item or service inside Jetbuilt as a favorite. These favorites will show up in bold at the top of search results when populating your project.

As a convenience, any item you use in a project will be marked as a favorite by default. There is also a checkbox in the item overlays where you can manually override this.

As you type your favorite manufacturer in the search box, the items you commonly use will appear in bold at the top, and the balance of their product line will still appear as before underneath your favorites.



Our report designer has been called “Reports”. Since there is another Reports link within projects, this was confusing. Since we love to learn from our mistakes, we have renamed this area Designer.


Japan Yen, Norwegian Krone, Israeli Shekel, Indian Rupee, UAE Dirham and other currencies have been implemented into Jetbuilt in the last few weeks. 

expanded dealer prcing sees high demand

This Monday we launched (and announced to U.S. users) our newly expanded Dealer Pricing Integration for ALL manufacturers. We saw hundreds and hundreds of responses and requests for integration the first day alone, and they haven’t stopped coming in. 

We beg for your patience as we are getting through them as quickly as we can. We have a small army on this, and expect that late next week we will be through the majority of it.

Remember, early April we will be rolling out this program worldwide. Many of you in U.K., Australia, Asia and Africa have asked for dealer pricing integration, and we are building to meet this demand. The wait is almost over!

and we thought jetbuilt was perfect

Jetbuilt has discovered that it is not perfect. We are working feverishly to meet the demands of you the users  and do it reliably. We know you are putting your trust in our platform. We continue to invent features to save you more time (like the Favorites this week).

With every feature we build, tests are written into the code to catch bugs before they happen. These tests don’t catch everything, and bugs still creep in. As you report them, we work to resolve them as quickly as possible. We thank you for your understanding with this. Our technical development team has grown from 1 person to 5 in a very short time. We are able to respond faster while also continuing to build the future Jetbuilt.

Our goal is to be honest about our efforts, communicate with you quickly with updates and treat all of your requests with the highest regard. Your input into Jetbuilt is making us a far stronger platform month after month. 
Finally, we leave you with a bit of humor pointed at ourselves: