InfoComm Vegas Edition



If you are at the show this week, come on by the Micro-Lounge and say hello. We are extremely easy to find near the main entrance between Blackmagic and Legrand brands. C3888.

Our friends at VidCAD are right next door and they can show you more on our integration - passing projects back and forth between platforms for the best in project proposals and documentation.



Click the new LOCK checkbox next to any item's sell price field. This will lock that price in as you perform any global markup/margin adjustments. All unlocked items will be updated, but any locked items will be left alone.


Coming Soon



Coming soon is your new Project Management Home Page, giving you the status of all your projects in construction at a glance.  Open one up to see a full timeline for the project and its status. 

Thanks again for using Jetbuilt - happy quoting!


Paul and the Jetbuilt team

Road Trip Update

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 3.21.21 PM.png

We trust that your week has been an awesome one, and that your weekend will be even better.  Here is this week's news from Jetbuilt:

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 2.28.22 PM.png


This week we added Project Management tasks to the Morning Coffee Email.  Project Managers will see the coming week of tasks across the team, while Field Techs will just see what's on their plate. Overdue tasks display in red. We trust your team will never see red:)



You can now set your company's preference for working in "MinutesHours or Price".  This will allow your team to continuously work in the denomination of your preference each time they add or edit items.



We updated the header bar to the Options and Service Package pages in proposals. This helps them to stand out in your proposals from the dark headers for each Room page



If you are in Las Vegas for InfoComm next month, don't forget to stop by and say hello! We are at C3888 right between Blackmagic and Milestone/Legrand in our first ever 20x20 mega-booth (but we will still bring the Micro-Lounge:)



The response to a potential Jetbuilt Summit was very strong. We are now thinking about Dallas, TX later this year. (Partly because it's a great central location, and partly because "we know a guy with a venue".

Thanks again for using Jetbuilt - happy quoting.


Paul and the Jetbuilt team

Got Trucks? - Service/Support Packages in Jetbuilt

Starting today you can now automate the pricing, presentation, and selling of service and support packages for your projects. Watch the video for the full story...


Service/Support Packages

Jetbuilt now handles the pricing and presentation of optional long-term support of your projects. Automate the pricing through a host of variables including our new Smart Rounding!

Watch the video for a quick run-through.

Paul does his best to discuss the week's updates as quickly as possible.

Later this week: Set your Labor Preference

In the next few days you will be able to set your company's preference for "Minutes, Hours or Price".  This will allow your team to continuously work in the denomination of your preference!

Jetbuilt Summit?

I am being asked more often about a sort of Jetbuilt Summit. In a group environment ideas and solutions can be discovered and shared.  This could be a place to get answers to things you didn't know you had questions for. Just reply if you would be interested as we evaluate if this is something we should consider.


Acumatica Integration

The response about our Acumatica integration was heavy (sorry that I mistakenly announced a partial integration). This week we wrap up the pushing of projects into Acumatica. We will share more details next week!


Thanks again for using Jetbuilt - happy quoting.


Paul and the Jetbuilt team

Room Quantities And More!


This weekly update has been delayed due to the recent untenable weather in Southern California. Light but very steady rainfall multiple days over the last month and temperatures actually requiring a hoodie. We are grateful that the worst is behind us and we are pleased to bring you another update.

This week we are pleased to announce a couple of highly requested features as well as some refinements to the application. 


Room Quantities

Enterprise users can now define quantities of rooms. This allows for faster estimating and focused presentation of identical conference rooms, classrooms, bedrooms and more



Acumatica Integration

We are pleased to announce our integration with Acumatica ERP. The ERP that shares our vision for the power of collaborative cloud enterprise solutions.





Designer Improvements

We have made some nice improvements to the way we handle uploading and selecting of images within the designer. In other words: it now works as you would expect it to. 

Next Week:
Optional Service Packages

We are currently testing a feature that helps you automate one of the most discussed areas of our industry: Long-term support programs. You will be able to automate the creation and pricing of these packages and present them as options to your clients within your proposals.

Thanks again for using Jetbuilt and happy quoting.


Paul and the Jetbuilt team

Post-ISE Update - Sorting, Multi-Currency And Schnitzel Beer?

ISE in Amsterdam was a tremendous show, and not just for those that came by the Jetbuilt booth.  This was the largest show yet, and there was so much to take in. 


Multi-Currency is Live

If you purchase items in multiple currencies, you can now set up your purchasing currencies in "Settings/Locations/Currencies".  Later this week we will be posting a video tutorial on the full functionality.


Project List Custom Sort

Beginning today, you can click each column header to sort your project and client lists. This sort then "sticks" with each user for a more personalized workflow.


Multi-Currency, Margin/Cost Viewing And More!

This week we have a lot to discuss! As usual, the video brings you ALL the details, but we typed up some of the highlights below:


Multi-Currency Quoting

At ISE we will be launching our new Multi-Currency quoting! Assign various purchasing currencies for your company, then add items to your project from those currencies, while we handle the real-time currency conversion. Finally present in yet another currency to your client.


Margin/Cost Viewing

You can now flip the Margin view to show Costs in your project overview. This makes it very fast and easy to monitor costs as well as margins while estimating and budgeting your project. 


Once again, watch the short video for more updates and information. Thanks again for using Jetbuilt!


Paul and the Jetbuilt team

Happy New Year!

We wish you a Happy New Year and a terrific 2018 to come!  Here's a quick video greeting and update:


Sort Page Groups

This week we added the ability to custom sort your Designer pages and groups.

Now you can drag your go-to page groups to the top, so they appear on the top of your list when creating reports for your projects.


Just click on the video for the whole story - all that we are currently working on at Jetbuilt.

Once again we wish you all the best for 2018!

Paul and the Jetbuilt team

New Tutorial, Tax Feature, IPhone App

This week we have a lot to show you:

  • A new Sales Tax Discount function
  • The long-awaited iPhone app for PM use
  • A video tutorial on the Pricing Programs feature

As a sales tool one of the ways we help you win projects is through clarity of presentation - not tricky tactics. This is not always the case in automotive sales, as Paul discovered recently...


Pricing Programs Video

We just posted a Tutorial for our Pricing Programs functionality. While very simple to use, there's a lot of hidden power under the hood. Check the video to take full advantage.

Tax Discount Function

Tomorrow we launch our Tax Discount function. (An example would be "Tax Exempt" with a 100% discount). The Description field appears in the tax area on your acceptance page so that your client is made aware. Discounts can be attached to clients for all of their future projects. 


iPhone App Released

Last week the JetbuiltGO app was released to iPhone for Project Management use in the field.  The Android version is following close behind.

Our iPad app is still the right tool for the job when it comes to mobile quoting and selling.

Thanks again for using Jetbuilt. Until next time!


Thanks again for using Jetbuilt. Until next time!

Paul and the Jetbuilt team

Pricing Programs and More

It's been a couple of weeks since our last update. This can only mean that we have more to show you than usual! Paul ducked into his kid's music room late at night to give you the video rundown:



Pricing Programs

Enterprise users can now create various Pricing Programs for their company.

These allow you to preconfigure pricing for each project. Various factors such as % above cost, % below MSRP, Profit Margin % can be used. 



Attach Programs to Clients

You can optionally attach a program to clients, so that each new project for that client will populate pricing accordingly. 

Each project can sell be overriden globally or per item.



2 New Proposal Price Columns

We increased the available pricing columns from 5 to 7 with the addition of MSRP price, and our new Combo Price.

Combo price shows the unit price of the item and/or the labor attached to it in a single field.



Monday Only Coffee Email

Many of you love the daily Morning Coffee emails as a quick way to keep tabs on what is happening in your company.

But you now have an option to receive these only on Monday mornings. Nothing wrong with being a little less informed :)


Thank you again for using Jetbuilt. We continue to request and welcome your comments as we work to build a better platform. 



Friday the 13th Update

There's nothing scary about the updates we launched this week. Here's what's new in Jetbuilt:


Flag Line Items

Ever drop a placeholder item into your project?  Now you can "Flag" any line item within Jetbuilt so that you don't forget to finalize it before presenting to your client.

You can also hover over the flag to view the "Internal Notes" for that item. 


Equipment and Labor Totals at End of Room

You can now show your Equipment and/or Labor totals at the bottom of each room on your reports.

This may be helpful where you have many systems, and you want to summarize the total of equipment or labor before the Room total.





 Labor Detail in Project Summary Page

You can now optionally present your labor details in a Project Summary page. This includes your custom labor names for Enterprise users.



Project Management


Bulk-Assign Tasks

You can now select many (or all) tasks in a project, system or phase and assign them to a tech in one action.



 Days of Labor Indicators

You can now see the total days of labor for your list of tasks. In the Bulk-Assign view we even show you the total based on the currently-selected batch.

This should help you set reasonable due dates for batches of tasks.


Thank you again for using Jetbuilt. We continue to request and welcome your comments as we work to build a better platform. 

Project Management Update

Two weeks ago we announced our new Project Management solution. Paul has a quick update on the platform as well as some pricing information.


Paul gives us an update on the Project Management solution.

PM Updates This Week:

• We are currently testing bulk-editing and bulk-assigning of all selected tasks in your project. This works the same way you edit line items in the Builder.  Launches this week.

• Project Management will be $30 per month per user. Priced on par with many PM platforms today, but with the power of seamless integration into your sales platform.

• We have added two very clear roles for PM: "Create Tasks" and "Perform Tasks". You can assign one or both of these to your team members as needed.

Love Project Management

Jetbuilt has just taken a dreaded and often overlooked aspect of your workflow and automated it. Beginning today you can create installation tasks for your items and projects, then quickly assign them to your techs for completion in the field.  Watch the  quick demo:

Paul takes us through our new Project Management solution with an example project.

Build Tasks for Your Items

As you populate your project you can build the installation tasks for each item. As you use these items in future projects, your tasks will be created passively project-wide.

Large tasks are divided into smaller steps for control and organization.


Invite your PM's and Field Techs

In the same way that you invite your sales and management team to Jetbuilt, you can now invite your project managers and installers. Since access is limited to tasks, feel free to invite outside contractors.



Assign Tasks by Phase

Assign tasks to your installers individually, by phase, or for the whole project. They will receive notices of tasks assigned to them. You will also be notified as they complete tasks.

Field Mobile Access

Your installers in the field interact with their tasks from their phones.
*Currently browser-based, as our IOS and ANDROID field apps will be released in October.



Designed and Built by Jetbuilt

Our solution was designed and built in California by Jetbuilt. So you know it's easy to learn, simple to use, and supported with love.

We invite you to try it free for the next 30 days.

CEDIA Loved Project Management

We took the Jetbuilt Micro Lounge to CEDIA in San Diego where folks could experience the connection between quoting and task management. The response was even more enthusiastic than we expected.

Paul gives us a couple of observations from the CEDIA show floor


Just a Couple More Days

We'll shoot out an email later this week with a video tutorial on Task Management. You will be able to invite your Field Techs and PMs into your account at no charge while you evaluate the system and see if it is the right fit for your installation workflow.

The Jetbuilt Lounge

Once again, the Jetbuilt Micro Lounge proved to be a welcome oasis to weary CEDIA travelers. Apparently Paul is talking about the fish he caught before the show. 


Thanks again for using Jetbuilt and for all the great comments. 

Until next time,

New Features, CEDIA Lounge, PM Preview!

Northwest Train.jpg

Here is a quick Jetbuilt update - starting with a quick video:

From the Great Pacific Northwest Paul tells us about two new helpful features.

If you prefer to get our video updates faster, just subscribe to our YouTube channel. Here's a handy button:

Here's a screenshot of the new price list date indicators - showing both direct and distribution instances:




The Jetbuilt Micro-Lounge will make another appearance at CEDIA next month!  

Visit us at 5705. Relax and have a beverage while we explore solutions to all things AV. 

September 7-9 




For those of you that have expressed interest in our upcoming PM functionality, here's sneak peek at some of the progress. We are currently testing task creation in the Jetbuilt Builder. 

As you add items to your projects, you can optionally create your installation tasks. Large tasks are broken into smaller steps - as granular as you like. You can see this in the image below.

Once your project is in construction, simply assign each task to the appropriate techs (individually or in bulk). 

You can opt to create your tasks manually in the task area, but consider the long-term power of hundreds of tasks and steps being automatically created as your sales team quotes their projects. 

More updates on this to come!

Until next time, thanks again for using Jetbuilt and keep those comments coming!

Cheers from California,

Paul Dexter

Project Summary Page, e-Sign and more!

Today I attempt to bring you a video update with no edits. There are some interesting features to cover, so here goes:


There is a new proposal page in town: Project Summary. This optional page can be placed anywhere in your proposal groups. Use it to break out the location and system totals of a project - all on a single page. There are options in the Designer to include shipping, taxes and factors in these totals, as well as selecting which columns to present.

Since rooms or systems are often dependent on others, we included a simple way to put an (optional) disclaimer below the list. This disclaimer could also mention that other charges or credits may be added at the end of the proposal.  BTW, our oldSummary page is now more appropriately called the Acceptance page.

Here is an example:


Thanks again for using Jetbuilt. And keep those comments coming!

Bundles Get Superpowers!

Today we are thrilled to show you the update we have done with bundles! Early next week you will see all the original power of bundles plus:

  • Give your bundle a fully custom name (not tied to the name of any item)
  • Give your bundle a custom image (not tied to an item)
  • Edit the sequence of items within the bundle
  • Push/Pull bundle edits to your database (the same way you do single items)
  • Delete bundles from your database (without disrupting existing projects with those bundles)
  • Create a "one time" bundle, which does not save to your database (helpful for custom or one-time packages where you want to show the closed package to your client, but still account for each item internally)

Here is a short video previewing these updates:

In other news, here is a new tutorial for our Woo Commerce integration. If you do box sales through a web store, you may want to take a look. Push, edit, categorize, and remove items in your web store all from your familiar Jetbuilt environment.

Jetbuilt Florida Video Update


 We just came off of a terrific InfoComm show this week. It was a record-setting show with 44,077 attendees. InfoComm attributes much of this growth to the Jetbuilt Micro-Lounge concept, but our lawyers disagree.

Here is a short video update on the show, including some exciting new things in Jetbuilt:

Drag your Bundles, Jetbuilt Microlounge and more!

Here's a quick update before a welcome weekend.

Old friends and new, be sure to drop by the Jetbuilt Microlounge #5689 at InfoComm in Orlando. Kick your feet up and take in some refreshment while we chat, solve problems, and otherwise make the world a better place through AV. 

We are excited to announce that you can now drag your bundles up and down in the builder.  Gone are the days when your bundles could only appear on the bottom of each room in the builder and on proposals.

You can now add Bundles to your Options/Change Orders. Technical reasons held this obvious function back for some time, but we are thrilled to let you know that this is now live!

Lastly, you can now perform your favorite bulk editing tasks in Options/Change Orders. Moving/copying/deleting batches of items, creating bundles and more can all be done in Options the same as you do in Rooms.

New Reports, WooCommerce, and more!

It's been another wild week at Jetbuilt. We spent most of last week debating a new jingle for some video quick-tips. I lost the battle but not the war. We WILL produce micro-tutorials with personality!

We spent the rest of the week debating our InfoComm strategy. Demos and Pubs blended brilliantly in Amsterdam for ISE, but in it was settled that a booth is in order for Orlando.

So don't forget to come relax at the first ever InfoComm Jetbuilt Microlounge - all 100 square feet of it (Lounge #5689).

And now on to the updates:

Enterprise users can now push any of your Jetbuilt items to your web store with our WooCommerce integration. Like everything else in Jetbuilt, we keep this moving quickly:

You drop a projector into a project. You then realize that you should get this unit into your online store as well. Click "Push to Web Store", give it a web price and click "Update". It's now for sale in your store. 

This is one feature that you have all been asking for:  Auto-saving draft text in Scope and Discussion text fields! 

While editing your text, if you click to another page, Jetbuilt will now ask if you want to discard your work, giving you opportunity to cancel and save. Additionally we are auto-saving your draft text. You can click the new Draft icon to recall the previous version of your text.


We have added a host of new dynamic fields for use in your report pages:

  • Primary Contact Email
  • Primary Contact Phone
  • Project Owner Email
  • Project Description
  • Equipment Total
  • Labor Total
  • Shipping Total
  • Tax Total
  • Project Total

We have added a new pair of company reports for Enterprise: Pipeline by Client, and Pipeline by Client Detail. This pair gives you a clear view of the projects on your radar. 

In addition to showing your upcoming pipeline, you can alternately set the filters to display current or closed projects, allowing you to see historical information as well.

Got Boxes? Use the new Box Sales page type!

Another week, another batch of functionality in Jetbuilt:


Many of you have been using workarounds for quoting Box Sales. Starting today you can use our new Box Sales page type. 

From the Designer, click "Add New" and select the Box Sales type then customize as needed.  Create a Box Sales Group with that new page and you are ready to start moving boxes!


You can now add a default payment schedule for each of your clients. This means you can keep a default for your company as well as clients. Each new project will first pull from the client. If no default exists for client, it will pull from your company. You can still edit the text inside each project as needed. 

Last but not least, you can now change the "Owner" of a project. This update is not groundbreaking enough to demand a fancy header, but worthy of mention nevertheless.
*In order to use this new functionality, you must first purchase, upgrade, or install absolutely nothing! A continuously improving Jetbuilt is all part of your subscription. Enjoy!